Pikaev Viktor Haru Atari


Email: HaruAtari@gmail.com
Skype: HaruAtari


Design and develop of CRM and ERP systems, SaaS platforms for 9 years.


$30 an hour


  • PHP5, PHP7, Yii1, Yii2, PHPUnit, Codeception
  • PostgreSQL (9.4+), MySQL, Redis
  • Go
  • Git, Mercurial
  • ElasticSearch, Beanstalk
  • Java, C#, Python (surface)
  • JavaScript, ExtJs5, HTML5 (WebSockets, FileApi, Canvas)
  • CoffeeScript, TypeScript, LiveScript


Since 2008 do development. Design and write backend for complex RESTful applications. Mainly use PHP (Yii2) + PostgreSQL. Specializing in the development of ERP and CRM systems. Have experience developing and maintaining large SaaS platforms. Almost do not write a simple websites.

Know PHP (5 and 7 versions). Actively use features of latest versions. Excellent command of Yii2 (before that wrote for the first version). Familiar with Symfony2 and Laravel. Participated in the development of a modular CMS based on Yii2 framework and internal, tuned to the needs of the company. Use fresh PostgreSQL.

Have experience of using Go language in production.

Participated in the development of search aggregator.

Use not only the implementation patterns and architectures that impose a framework, but understand the essence itself. Have experience in developing high-loaded systems.

Client programming is familiar at a basic level. With a familiar layout mediocre. Generally speaking, the client can write, but about cross-browser however.

Have a basic knowledge of Linux. Can raise the server and all the necessary environment.

Have minor experience with Java, C# and Python3. When it was necessary, wrote in their desired applications. Code beauty and the optimality was not much, but business` problems were solved.

Open Source projects, I contributed to:


OOO "GR" Sept 2014 - Now

Backend developer. I participated in server side development of SaaS platform. Job in portfolio: here.

OOO "Online-Express" May 2014 - Sept 2014

Backend developer. I participated in search aggregator development. Server side only. Job in portfolio: here.

OOO "Bauhau" Oct 2013 - May 2014

Full stack developer. I develop full system: makeup, backend, frontend, server administration, CRM system. Job in portfolio: here.

ZAO "Tander" Sept 2012 - Oct 2013

Full stack developer. I participated in development of ERP system and analyzes system (backend and frontend). Jobs in portfolio: one, two, tree, four, five.

Freelance Jul 2008 - Aug 2012

Full stack developer. Project employment. I wrote parsers, sites, simple desktop applicetions.